From the first draft to the final presentation with excellence: the employee first defined the core statements and used these to plan her slides.

From the first concept to the final presentation –
Excellent implementation of PowerPoint presentations

A good presentation can bring an idea or a sketch to life and convince the target audience. This training teaches the ability to create a clear and motivating presentation from an idea, sketch, briefing or raw version.

Your skills at the end of the training:

Contents conveyed

A) Clarification of the mandate

  • Clarification of the important prerequisites for the initiation of presentation preparation: client, goal, core statements and environment
  • Identification of key messages
  • Use of an analysis grid to check key points

B) Presentation planning

  • Identification of the red thread
  • Implementation of the structure

C) Design improvements

  • The design principle - from key statement to the finished charts
  • Dealing with colours, shapes, pictures, films, animations
  • Images instead of numbers - Principle of data visualisation
  • Typo and text design
  • Slides specifically designed for online-presentations

D) PowerPoint

  • Concrete implementation of individually designed charts according to the design principle
  • Master (presentation templates), complex diagrams, integration of media
  • Download 100 PowerPoint templates for use during and after training

Practice-intensive training with individual and group tasks, application of what has been learned on the basis of a case study, trainer feedback and discussion of own presentations

Target group / group of participants:
All those who implement presentations after a briefing or an idea sketch and are already working with PowerPoint.

German / English

2 days. Follow-up workshop possible on request.

Participants' feedback:
„Thank you!“

„The checklist for preparation is great, I'll use it from now on!“

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From the first concept to the final presentation?