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Our methods originate from real world situations making the application of these tried and tested methods easy. The participant feedback is proof of this hands-on approach to learning. Integration of real-life scenarios faced by the participants, blended learning and nudging concepts guarantee the implementation of the learned skills.

Your employees will develop a clear presentation structure.

Storylining and

Convincing decisive presentation developed and realised in a structured fashion.

The PowerPoint presentation is visualised with suitable pictures and  also includes storytelling.

Impressive PowerPoint

Gripping power point presentations with Storylining, Storytelling and Visualisation.

The PowerPoint presentation begins with a sketch and is then later expounded upon in PowerPoint.

Create PowerPoint presentations
with excellence

Generate ideas for presentations and realise these with strong PowerPoint charts.

Structured solution generation: Figures results are shown as a bar chart on the tablets.


Effectively use methods employed in large consulting companies in your own project work.

Teamwork facilitates a professional project completion.


Set up projects as a project leader and lead these to project success.

In order to convince the audience, results are presented effectively and enthusiastically during the presentation.


Give convincing presentations to win over your audience.

The direction arrows lead individually to the appropriate training for a successful presentation.


Find the right training for you by using our training guide and answering a few simple questions.

Digitalisation: understand and apply tools for automation and digitalisation to improve processes

in practice

Understand and apply tools for automation and digitalisation to improve processes

Profit from our long-term experience in professionalising project work!

Icon Satisfaction Guarantee, TreSolutions has been successfully supporting companies for many years with presentation training and coaching.

Since 2005 TreSolutions has successfully supported companies through training and coaching. The trainer team consists of active project managers and thus combines theoretical know-how and practical experience. This is also supported by our long-term cooperation with the Haufe Academy.

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