Diagrams for a better overview of the workflow help to approach a project correctly.

Consulting Skills

A structured and target-oriented approach along with a meaningful presentation of work results is the key to the success of any consulting project. The use of these methods is the basis for successful cooperation in a project.
This relates to the methods used by professional consulting firms to find structured solutions. The training enables the participants to use the necessary techniques to successfully manage the entire project.

At the end of the training you will be able to

Conveyed content

A) Project definition and planning

  • Clear definition of the project task
  • Effective analysis, structure and solution of problems with the help of the deductive solution approach
  • Application of the hypothesis-driven solution approach to ensure work efficiency
  • Planning of activities on the basis of solution trees

B) Data collection - interview and persuasion techniques

  • Different approaches for information collection
  • Basics of communication
  • Preparation and procedure of the interview process
  • Overview of persuasion techniques in consulting

C) Storylining

  • Identifying and understanding stakeholders
  • Communication in a way that is appropriate for your audience
  • Definition of clear goals and core statements
  • Knowledge and implementation of the possibilities of structured argumentation chains
  • Ability to apply pyramidal communication principles
  • Effective creation of Storylines using the storyboard technique

D) Chart design

  • Understanding of the importance of good visualisation
  • Application of basic rules of graphic design and chart design
  • Creation of meaningful quantitative and qualitative graphs
  • Use of visualisation to reinforce statements
  • Develop successful charts specifically for online-presentations

E) Presentation techniques (basics)

  • Preparation of the presentation environment
  • Basic rules of effective presentations
  • Presentation of proposals for solving the simulation situation
  • Tipps and tricks for presenting online

F) Simulation

Concrete application of training content:

  • Simulation of a complete project course
  • Trainer feedback and discussion of your own project situations

Practice the learned content using a continuous case study, which is demonstrated to the participants in form of a simulation. Intensive individual and group exercises along with presentation of the results and discussion of situations experienced by the participants ensure learning success.

Target group / group of participants:
Consultants, trainees and employees in companies who regularly work on projects and want to work on them effectively and efficiently.

German / English

3-5 days

Participants' votes:
„I finally understood the hypothesis-driven approach and was able to put it into practice.“

„The ongoing case study has allowed me to understand the common train of thought involved in project work running throughout the training.“

„First, the methods were taught, explaining how I could approach a task top-down after which I presented the proposed solutions in a structured and convincing way to the steering committee. I really liked that.“

„I didn't know the principles of persuasion techniques before.“

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