Clear definition of the project procedure: Employees learn how to implement their project with the use of effective planning.

Project management

Project management is the key competency for companies and consultancies that drives both internal and external changes forward for customers. Not only a good project execution ensures a sustainable client relationship but this begins with the structured drafting and ends with a professional project completion.
The training provides the participants with the techniques essential for the successful preparation of the entire project process. After this training the participants master the decisive aspects of project management.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

On the basis of the typical course of the project from company practice, the participants are given the knowledge to push ahead with planned changes:

Contents conveyed

A) Project definition, planning, organisation and risk management

  • Clearly define the project task
  • Identify activities using the hypothesis-driven approach
  • Establish realistic schedules
  • Estimate costs and plan staff required realistically
  • Identify and control risks
  • Ensure that the project is suitably linked to the company's organisation
  • Design project kick-off

B) Stakeholder management, communication and dealing with resistance

  • Identify different target groups in the project environment
  • Effectively distribute information with the right media
  • Deal successfully with resistance

C) Team management

  • Be able to design success factors for effective teamwork
  • Know the possibilities of team controlling
  • Work successfully with line employees as a consultant

D) Project controlling

  • Identify and analyse deviations from the plan
  • Know the organisational requirements for successful project controllingn

E) Design of the project conclusion

  • Document knowledge efficiently
  • Identify opportunities for follow-up projects

Practice-intensive training with individual and group tasks, Coaching and sharing of experiences of real projects with the participants.

Target group/participant group:
Project leaders, project co-workers, company employees planning to take on the role of project leader.

German / English

2 days

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Project management?