Image selection for the presentation: the use of images in presentations is motivating and appealing to the audience.

PowerPoint presentations that inspire -
Use storylining, storytelling and visual material in a focused manner

A picture speaks more than 1000 words - stories that inspire contain more than just information. Instead of presenting raw facts, the addressees can be better reached and motivated through emotions and visualisation of the content. A motivating presentation effortlessly guides the audience through appealingly visualised information.

The training imparts the ability to design motivating presentations and to implement them with PowerPoint. Participants will be taught audience focused process planning through the use of storylining and how to communicate contents through stories. How to use, design and acquire images within image databases in compliance with copyright will be taught and practiced.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

Contents conveyed

A) Dramaturgy

  • Addressee analysis and presentation planning for the target group
  • Create convincing storylines
  • Storytelling as a principle of the subliminal mediation of content

B) Exciting design

  • Principles of chart design - the most important graphic and colour design rules
  • Use of color based on a consistent color palette
  • Visualisation of concepts
  • Convert data into easy-to-understand diagrams
  • Develop successful charts specifically for online-presentations

C) Workshop for easy implementation of ideas and concepts in PowerPoint

  • Simple creation of individual concept diagrams
  • Design your own shapes and objects
  • Advanced design functions such as 3D figures, sliding presentations, morphing, etc.
  • Integration of external media (video streams, clickers)
  • Download 100 PowerPoint templates for use during and after training

Exercise-intensive training with individual and group tasks, application of what has been learned on the basis of case studies and trainer feedback and discussion of own presentations.

Target group / group of participants:
Everyone who wants to create presentations with PowerPoint that motivate and inspire.

German / English

2 days. Follow-up workshop possible on request.

Participants' feedback:
„The structured approach helped me a lot."“

„I didn’t think that PowerPoint could do that.“

Interest in
PowerPoint presentations?